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Follow The Leader

Blackburn Radio is a medium-small company, as far as broadcasting outlets go.  We’re dwarfed by Corus, Rogers, Bell and some others but our owner has no desire to compete on that level.  Richard is happily running a regional broadcasting network... Continue reading

Brandt’s Randt – Wake Up and Smell the Election Campaign!

Honestly, I think it’s our duty in a democracy to give half a hoot about an election campaign. Or shut your pie hole!  And I randt.   Continue reading

New York Post, How I Love Thee

They’re a tabloid, they’re not for everyone, but the New York Post has a style all its own.  Continue reading

Day Trippers

The only problem with taking a Monday off is Tuesday.   Continue reading

Exploring Close to Home

We needed a weekend away but not too far away. The lawn and basement digs by the plumbers (whose final chapters are still to be written) and other chores have been nagging at us so I poked around online for... Continue reading

Update: Rick Bigg RIP

I wrote just a month or so ago about London motorcycle rider, Rick Bigg, and his sudden diagnosis with terminal cancer. Rick died on Saturday and the fundraiser for his widow, Laurie, goes on as planned this weekend. (My original... Continue reading

Brandt’s Randt – Buying Your Pretty Face

I’m not anti-plastic surgery. I’m not against anything that’s someone’s personal choice, that doesn’t hurt anyone else, really. But I think it’s time we stopped making a big hairy deal about how well someone is aging when they’re not aging... Continue reading

But for the Grace….

You don’t have to know who Deryck Whibley is or have ever even heard of his band, Sum 41, to understand the human agony of what he has done to himself.  Continue reading

Headline Hilarity

There’s a real art to writing headlines. I have to do it for and to come up with something in four or five words is often a challenge.  Continue reading

If It Were Up to Me…

…a three-day weekend wouldn’t be called a long weekend. It would just be a weekend! It takes three days to recover from a demanding work-week. Imagine if that week was only four days long. But I digress….  Continue reading