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New Saying: Nothing Meanders Like Success!

Isn’t this the truth? Continue reading

Astounding Behaviors

Two days after Saudi Arabia granted women the right to vote in municipal elections, a woman was sentenced to 10 lashes for driving a car. Continue reading

Lance Romance

It can’t just be wealth and fame that make Justin Bieber so romantic. He’s 17, not a typical age for grand gestures of amour. Continue reading

Bikers For Brains II

What a day we had! Excellent weather, a lovely, trouble-free ride for a couple of hours through the country and small towns, and things went off without a hitch. Not to mention raising about $5,000. for the Brain Tumour Foundation... Continue reading

Come Visit the Dry House – House Proud, Toronto Sun

You have a nice house.  But is it a dry house?  This weekend at the Toronto Fall Home Show, The Insurance Bureau of Canada is offering free plays at their interactive display, The Dry House, in hopes of helping homeowners... Continue reading

I’ve Been Had

For a month and a half or so, every Friday at noon, a text message has been coming to my iPhone.  Continue reading

Wingham’s First Murder

Having lived in Wingham for four years, and now living just about an hour away, I’m watching with interest the reports from the first ever murder trial of a Winghamite. Continue reading

The Name Game

When we were kids, we only communicated face to face or on the phone. Continue reading

Bikers for Brains II

Sunday, we’re riding in support of the Brain Tumour Foundation once again. Continue reading

The Lynch Mob

I adore Jane Lynch. Whether she’s track-suited up in Glee or doling out sarcastic advice to Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men, she’s always the best thing about a scene. Continue reading